WBS Technology Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned company. We have manufacturing facilities, R & D engineers, sales consultants and head office admin located in our Sydney Office situated in Silverwater. We have a sales and distribution Office in Victoria and will be expanding into Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia in the near future.

How can we offer this solution and provide energy efficient lighting systems is simple and can be broken down to two words


We back this up with our product warranty which is double the industry standard and a breathtakingly simple returns process with access to our exceptional R & D team for any after sales support.

WBS Technology is recognised as the leading manufacturer of high quality LED Emergency Lighting, LED Exit Signs and LED Lighting Systems. At WBS we have a holistic approach to your lighting system requirements and combined with our “Affordable Quality” energy efficient lighting products gives us a fantastic opportunity to work together with you to achieve a significant savings to your bottom line.

warehouse_lighting-300x180At WBS Technology we are continually looking to develop the next generation of high quality energy efficient lighting systems. Check out our latest product range here.

WBS Energy Saving Solution

Car-Park-LightingCar Park and Fire Stairs

By using a combination of proprietary movement sensor, wireless communication and dimming technology and 2 or 4 foot LED emergency/ non emergency batten lighting, the system can save 80% of electricity. All the lightings are eligible for IPART ESS or VEET Scheme.

WBS provide 3 years manufacturer warranty for the LED emergency/non emergency lights.

WBS Carpark


WBS Fire stairs

How does it work?

Sensors, 2 or 4 foot LED emergency/ non emergency battens are installed in the Car Park/ Fire stairs. The lighting under control of the sensors is normally dimmed to 20% of full luminance when no persons or vehicle movements are detected in the Car Park. When persons or vehicles enter or move in the Car Park/ Fire stairs, the sensors via a secure wireless link communicate with a specialised module in the lights and intelligently bring the lights to 100% luminance. The lights will be dimmed down after 1 minutes delay (or setup until 9 minutes delay).

A proprietary remote control unit allows for a building manager to override the sensor settings thus providing a fail safe mode.

A specially designed peak time control module is built into the system and programmed to automatically set the Cark Park lighting to 100% luminance at peak usage times. More details

Solution-Car-park3-300x225WBS unique advantage

A significant feature that sets the WBS system apart from others in the marketplace is that the sensor detective distance is at a radius of 10 meters, and control distance is at a radius of 30 meters.
People feel more comfortable walking in the car park with the lights at full brightness, instead of seeing the lights turned on one by one.

A person or vehicle entering the Car Park will not even notice that the Car Park lighting has been dimmed with this seamless operation of the lighting.

With dimming down technology, the lifetime of WBS LED fittings are more than 10 years.

Interested? What to do next?

Contact our expert team via contact form or phone 1300 WBS LED (1300 927 533), one of our energy saving specialists will arrange an appointment with you for an assessment and quote.